Fat Burning Furnace: An In Depth Review

by admin on August 3, 2010

The Fat Burning Furnace System written by Rob Poulos is a 160 page guide about losing fat while gaining muscle for a better-looking you. This fitness program claims to be able to let you lose most of your unwanted fat just by doing 60 to 75 minutes of exercise a week, lesser exercise will be required as you get further into the program.

Rob Poulos also explains about raising one’s resting metabolic rate or RMR turning your body into a ‘furnace’ (thus the name) that burns more calories by the hundreds every day. This enables you to virtually go on a diet without having to make any changes on the way you eat.

I have been looking for a convenient way to lose weight. By convenient I mean something that will not get into my daily routines with long hours of work-outs and having to follow a diet that can barely keep me functioning throughout the day. Some fitness programs I’ve tried require going into fad diets that did help me lose weight – 2.5 lbs for over two months!

I got so depressed I went into an eating binge and I gained the 2 lbs back in a week. I simply couldn’t keep doing this. Then I came upon a Fat Burning Furnace review on the Internet. The write up seemed on a positive note, as well as the others I checked out. You might call it a desperate move but since I am skeptical about all the free sources on the internet I downloaded the regular version for almost $40.00

What got me interested in the FBF system is the author’s claim that cardio workouts don’t work nearly as well as short intense workouts. This fitness guide talks about boosting the metabolism by building up on lean muscle while burning fat through interval training. Interval training means short bursts of intense exercise lasting for 20 to 25 minutes done three times a week.

This made perfect sense to me after trying out cardio workouts before with very little success leaving me feeling like I was doing something wrong but not sure what.

When I started following the Fat Burning Furnace regimen I kept telling myself to be as realistic as possible and not to expect any significant result overnight. As it happens it took me two weeks on the FBF system to start losing weight. By the end of the first month, I shed 13 pounds.

This I achieved by simply following the regimen and after four months, I am 37 lbs lighter. This system has made me confident that I can stay fit and don’t have to worry about all the fat coming back.

This guide is well-written with easy explanations why you should follow the exercises. This way you have some level of understanding about what the outcome should be. Another good thing about the guide aside from not including a lengthy cardio workout is the fact that you do not need to do warm-ups before starting the 20 to 25 minute exercise proper.

Also, no drastic diets are involved instead Rob Poulos discussed the importance of nutrients to the well being of our body and made sound suggestions on what foods we should eat and avoid.

A few cons of the FBF program are as follows:

•    The main exercises described required weights so you will need to either get your own set that you can use at home or go to the gym. There are bodyweight exercises you can do however these don’t cover everything.

•    The guide suggests that it’s okay to replace daily meals or snacks with bars and powders however I feel that this shouldn’t be done without any recommendations from your dietitian.

Overall I could say this fitness regimen really worked for me. I can’t really say it will definitely work for you too however it is good to know there is a solid regimen you can really stick with and be rewarded at the end.


Are you looking for tips to lose weight fast?

There are times or occasions when you find yourself in need of drastic methods to lose extra body mass like your wedding is next month, or your high school reunion is just a few weeks away, etc. If you need an effective method to shed off unwanted fats quick, you may consider fasting. Most tips to lose weight will advise against fasting as a way to get thinner. Indeed fasting is not for everyone.

There are ways you can find out if fasting is suitable for you to lose some body fats. Before giving you the tips to lose weight by fasting properly, read on to find out if this method will be good for you.

– Determine the type of fasting that will work for you. Will it be water fasting, juice fasting, fasting by not eating certain foods, etc.
– Observe how your body reacts when deprived of foods you are used to eating. You can do this by trying to fast for a short period of time first.
– Should you experience some gastric discomfort, you can minimize this by taking some colon cleansers.
– Make sure that fasting will not affect your every day routine as well as the people around you.

If you are positive that fasting is a good way for you to shed unwanted body mass, here are some tips to lose weight by fasting the right way.

– Keep your body hydrated and the best way to do this is by drinking eight to ten glasses of water every day while you fast. No matter what type of fasting method you choose, keeping your body buoyant by drinking lots of water will keep your body functioning.
– Do not attempt to deprive your body of food continuously. Alternate your fasting and eating period i.e. fast for two to three days and resume eating regularly for the same number of days. A lot of people find this method effective.
– It is not advisable to break your fast by eating a huge meal. Do not give your body a shock by eating a small meal initially and observe how the food affects your body. You can resume eating regularly if you see no problems.

These tips to lose weight by fasting can indeed be very effective as long as you do it properly. Depriving your body of essential nutrients from foods is risky which is why you must prepare yourself to this task and if needed, consult a dietary expert for proper guidance.


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